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Tweeted on Sep/5/2017

Vulnerabilities Discovered in Mobile Bootloaders of Major Vendors

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Tweeted on Apr/19/2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Android Excellence In Performance And Design via @HotHardware


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Future smartphones could repair themselves thanks to groundbreaking new material via @IBTimesUK

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Tweeted on Nov/2/2016

Mobile browsing just overtook the desktop for the first time via @alphr

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Tweeted on Sep/22/2014

Noyze Customizes Everything About Your Android’s Volume Keys

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Tweeted on Jul/9/2014

Android 4.4 KitKat tips, tricks and secrets – Opinion – Trusted Reviews via @TrustedReviews

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Tweeted on Dec/25/2013

@marvelapp is a free mobile & web prototyping tool for designers. Powered by Dropbox


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Discover true community awesomness & access a variety of devices for free via by @LabUpOrg! #ODL to the rescue!