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Google Lens can now recognize a billion items

Google’s AI-powered camera tool can now recognize over a billion items, the company wrote in a new blog post. Google Lens launched last year in a preliminary version on Photos and Assistant with only around 250,000 items...


$100,000 To Live Without A Smartphone For 1 Year

Vitaminwater has announced that it is raising a challenge for smartphone addicts: ditch the gadget for a year and win $100,000. All you need to do to participate to the contest is to post...


Tweeted on Aug/11/2018

D’après IDC , Huawei vient de dépasser Apple et de prendre la 2nde place des plus gros vendeurs de smartphones (derrière Samsung), dans un marché globalement stable Source:


Tweeted on May/15/2018

#HuaweiMate10Lite update for #EMUI #Android8 Oreo is now available in #Morocco

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Tweeted on Feb/18/2018

Google launches a lightweight ‘Gmail Go’ app for Android via @techcrunch

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Tweeted on Nov/2/2017

Razer Phone is here, with smooth screen and powerful speakers via @CNET